winter owl unit study

Winter Homeschool: Owl Unit Study

Winter is a great time to introduce a unit study on owls to your homeschool classroom. You can incorporate lessons on natural science, biology, literature, and more with this fascinating topic. Check out this Homeschool Living for some great ideas to add to your winter homeschool.

Winter Owl Activities

These owl unit study ideas from Simple Living Mama feature some great literature resources for young students–both fiction and nonfiction.

This owl lapbook from 1 Plus 1 Plus 1 Equals 1 is a great way to incorporate crafts and information gathering into your owl study.

Owl Science

Owl pellet dissection allows you to incorporate hands-on activity and scientific procedure into your winter homeschool. This activity will require a bit of pre-planning to give you time to order an owl pellet kit or kits. You can purchase preserved, dried owl pellets that have been dried and gassed to kill any bacteria or parasites. They are available online and generally inexpensive. This owl pellet dissection guide from Science World is a helpful tool to use for lesson objectives and study and discussion questions.

Owl Discovery

Take advantage of the warmer weather these next few weeks to go owling–a nature walk to look for owls in their natural habitat. Because a lot of the trees are still bare, it’s easier to spot birds–and other wildlife–in the branches. The best times to look for owls are dusk and dawn, when the nocturnal birds are still active but it’s light enough for you to navigate. The shorter winter days give you a better chance to take advantage of later sunrises and earlier nightfalls.

Before you head out on your owl search, check out the types of owls you’re likely to encounter here in Virginia. AVIBirds shares eight types of owls common in Virginia and the best environments to find them around the state.

If you’re in the Richmond area or planning a field trip, Maymont features wildlife habitats that are home to three rescued owls. Consider a visit to check them out!

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