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Virginia’s Chronic Absenteeism Affects Homeschoolers

Parents may experience the effects of an on-going, state-wide crack down on chronic absenteeism within the public school system.

What You Should Know:

  • HEAV recommends parents not ignore mailed letters, emails, or phone calls from your district. When responding, it is best to document all correspondence with the district in writing.
  • For the sake of safety, know that no one is required to invite a social worker or school truancy officer into their home without a warrant.
  • The law does not require districts to provide a letter acknowledging receipt of a notice of intent or evidence of progress. Parents should, however, keep a copy of their notice of intent and evidence of progress that was sent to the district office, along with proof of their receipt (certified mail receipt, email time-date signature, fax confirmation, signature for hand-delivered documents).
  • Should a district representative contact you, you are then able to provide your proof of compliance, as noted above.
  • References: Statutory requirements for home instruction (§22.1-254.1), Statutory duties of attendance officer (§22.1-261), The ALL IN VA plan memo

HEAV is always available should you ever have questions or need assistance. Please contact us anytime at 804-278-9200 or via our contact form.

Patricia Beahr
HEAV Assistant Director of Government Affairs

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