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Sports Access for Homeschoolers Fails Again

HB 926, HB 2258 Three bills were introduced directing the Virginia High School League (VHSL) to provide an exception to its rules, which currently prohibit homeschooled students from participating in interscholastic sports. All three bills, patroned by Delegates Carrico, Bell, and Nutter, were rolled into one. It was continued to 2011 with a recommendation that the VHSL use the time between sessions to work with homeschoolers to find an equitable solution. FAILED (Update April 28, 2010)

Vaccination of Homeschool Students at Public Schools Now Available

HB 270 HB 189 Delegate Englin patroned a successful bill requiring the Department of Health to develop a plan for the prompt vaccination of ALL children, including private school children and homeschoolers, if an emergency is declared by the Board of Health or if there is an epidemic of a vaccine-preventable disease. The bill requires the consent of the minor’s parent or guardian. It does not affect those who choose not to have their children vaccinated. PASSED (Update April 28, 2010)

No More Triennial School Census!

HB 669 Three bills were rolled together and passed that will eliminate the Triennial School Census. The bills, patroned by Senators Holtzman and Herring and Delegate May, will change the way taxes are distributed to localities. Distribution of funds to localities will be based on the average daily membership of the school division rather than on the school-age population. PASSED (Update April 28, 2010)

Parental Rights Amendment Stalls

HJ 193 The Virginia House passed a bill, patroned by Delegate Brenda Pogge, urging Congress to pass the Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and submit it to the states for ratification. However, the Senate left the bill in the Rules Committee, so the resolution failed for this year. FAILED (Update April 28, 2010)

Tribute to the Memory of Christopher Klicka

HR 7 The House of Delegates, with the Senate concurring, mourns the passing of an exemplary public servant and outstanding Virginian, Christopher J. Klicka. PASSED (Update Feb. 12, 2010)

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  1. We started out studying math in a natural way, looking at God’s universe and using numbers to describe it. We also used an abacus at the early ages and have also used a variety of helps such as Math-U-See, Singapore Math, the Freddy math books, Saxon books at the repeated insistence of friends who gave me their old books, and, finally and most cheaply (but not least-ly!!!), the little workbooks focusing in on specific concepts by Key Curriculum Press. In the last year, we have begun to spend less time on book work, and more math-in-the-world work. Surely, when we encourage and help feed the God-given curiosity of our little ones, they learn mathematical principles in many different settings. God created them to know Him and His world! Thank you to Lea Ann and to Katherine for loving God’s truth and for loving to share the beauty of God’s creation.

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