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Valentine's Day Activities

February is National Heart Health Month, and with Valentine’s Day right in the middle of it, this Homeschool Living features Valentine’s Day homeschool activities. What better time to create a homeschool science “heart” unit study and teach your children how to care for their hearts–physically and spiritually!

Below, you’ll find fun ways for kids to express love for their families and friends, tips for living a heart-healthy lifestyle with object lessons for younger students, and resources for parents to help both themselves and their children develop a heart for the Lord.

Loving Hearts

Send these sweet cards from A Day in My Life and The Party Event to friends and family members who are too far away to hug on Valentine’s Day.

This love tree includes the whole family in a lovely project that can be displayed and even added to for a long time.

Recycled seed paper heart valentines create their own bouquet when the recipient plants the heart-shaped paper seed bombs!

Recycled toilet paper rolls, scrap paper, and pipe cleaners create these adorable love bugs, which can be given as 3D valentines and displayed as charming decorations.

This classic woven hearts basket craft makes a sweet holder for valentines goodies.

Your kids can use these cute Valentine’s Day jokes in making their own valentines or just to amuse their siblings and friends.

Inexpensive or recycled squeeze bottles make these heart-shaped pancakes simple to create.

These chocolatecovered strawberry ladybugs are fun to create and make a beautiful treat to share or serve at a party.

These Cheerio bird feeders are simple to make and easily pair with a lesson about wildlife, and loving and caring for even the small creatures in God’s creation.

Healthy Hearts

These heart health activities for preschoolers include using yarn and a simple outline to illustrate veins and arteries in the circulatory system, cutting pictures from old magazines to create a heart-healthy menu collage, and more. features an informative description of the heart and circulatory system appropriate for upper elementary and middle school students.

These five tips for raising heart-healthy kids and teens include tips for taking care of your child’s emotional heart as well as the physical heart.

While very popular as Valentine’s Day gifts and treats, chocolate and candies are certainly not heart-health-friendly foods. Check out these hearthealthy Valentine’s Day activities for ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day and not even miss the chocolates! Try crafting your own stethoscope, creating heart-healthy snacks together, playing a heart-filled game of hopscotch, or organizing a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt.

This fun “beat the heart” game helps illustrate the work our hearts do to pump blood through our bodies and only requires a few handy supplies you already have in your house.

Sensory activities are fun for students of all ages. Use this cool sensory bin from I Can Teach My Child to answer the question “what is blood made of?” (You may need to purchase a few supplies for this project, but they are fairly inexpensive.)

Godly Hearts

This blog post from Raising Faithful Kids explores three ways your love can reach the heart of your child.

In this blog post, author Sally Clarkson explores the concept of winning your child’s heart and helping guide them to the Lord by modeling Christ’s behavior of loving, serving, and giving in your household.

In her book, Parenting from The Heart, Marilyn Boyer discusses parenting to reach your child’s heart and how to instruct, correct, and discipline your children with a heart of love. 

For more parenting resources, check out these titles:

Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp

Seasons of a Mother’s Heart by Sally Clarkson

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