to the moon and back - Moon-Unit-Study-Homeschool-Living space exploration

by Megan Bittner

Are you looking for a fun family activity that doesn’t require any travel? We have a full moon coming up in just a few days, so take advantage of the opportunity to share a fun family experience together from the comfort of your home. Take your summer homeschool to the moon and back with these fun moon science, art, and language arts activities and moon exploration! All from your arm chair, so let’s blast off!

This free PDF download shares tons of moon viewing ideas for the whole family! Wow your family with the fun facts and activities in this guide. You might even throw a moon viewing party for your family, complete with a tasty picnic and telescopes or binoculars for viewing.

The Farmer’s Almanac features the dates and times of each full moon this year, as well as fascinating folklore about the Native American names for each full moon. Students will love learning about the stories behind the names, and you could even have students name the moons themselves and write short stories or explanations explaining their choices.

Fun Activities to the Moon and Back!

This phases of the moon learning toy from Happy Tot Shelf is a great way to teach the different phases of the moon. It’s easy to make with supplies you likely have around the house already. This moon science activity is a great project to promote hands-on, kinesthetic learning in your homeschool.

This moon foil painting is a fun, messy, outdoor activity, perfect for outdoor summer arts and crafts.

This short fairy tale about the “man in the moon,” by L. Frank Baum is a great choice for family reading.

This classic children’s book by Eric Carle comes to life in this animation of “Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me.”

Check out this Homeschool Living blog post about the moon landing for some great space exploration unit study ideas.

Looking for even more moon science activities? Check out this solar eclipse blog post featuring a variety of resources and activities for learning about the science behind a solar eclipse.

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