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Space Exploration for Kids

Space Exploration for Kids

Did you know the 50th anniversary of the first human moon landing is coming up on July 20? Space exploration is an exciting idea for a homeschool summer study. Take advantage of a “this day in history” style of learning to introduce space exploration for kids. Try these fun learning crafts and experiments, watch the footage of the 1969 moon landing, check out a variety of field trip ideas, and even enter the “Voyages and Discoveries: Cross-Generational Reflections on the Significance of Space Exploration” contest!

Wonderopolis features a great, kid-friendly answer to the question “What does the moon do?” Kids can also learn about the ocean tides with this simple experiment using a plastic ball, a bowl of water, and some string.

This moon phases learning toy from Happy Tot Shelf is simple to construct with items you likely have in the house already and is a suitable hands-on tool for a wide variety of ages.

Check out “The Story of Apollo 11 and the First Men on the Moon” from FreeSchool for a fascinating video featuring the original footage from the moon landing, historical photos, and a detailed narration of the Apollo 11 mission.

If you’ve been quoting Neil Armstrong’s famous words, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” you may have been quoting it wrong for years! Discuss the difference the tiny article “a” makes, and listen to the quote yourself. What do you hear?

This list of Apollo 11 anniversary activities includes some excellent ideas for a summer field trip, including the National Gallery of Art’s exhibit, By the Light of the Moon: A Century of Lunar Photographs, opening July 14, and a variety of events at the Smithsonian over the anniversary weekend.

The Center for Educational Partnerships at ODU, the Virginia Space Grant Consortium, the ODU Libraries, and the Slover Library present the 50th Anniversary Moon Landing Contest—“Voyages and Discoveries: Cross-Generational Reflections on the Significance of Space Exploration.”

This is a wonderful summer project focusing on communication across generations, the lasting impact of the historical moon landing, and the future of space exploration.

Talk with a child, teen, parent, grandparent, or neighbor and have a cross-generational discussion of this amazing event, space exploration, and technological advances in spaceflight. Share your moon memories with a child or teen. Then create a written story, poem, or dialogue and an illustration to enter to win.

Submission deadline is July 31, 2019. Visit the website for complete contest details, submission guidelines, and prizes.

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