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Q: A friend told me that testing must be done by a certified teacher. Does it have to be a Virginia certified teacher?

A: An achievement test may be administered by a number of different people, depending on the test you use. Each test publisher or company includes information about the test and who can administer it.

Achievement Tests

Some achievement test companies have no restrictions on who administers the test, and parents can test their own children. Some companies allow parents to test their child along with other students, and others require the test administrator to have a college degree. A few may require a certified teacher (usually from ANY state). You can find the requirements on the publisher’s website or order form.

Independent Evaluation

If you decide to use an independent evaluation instead of a test, the law is more specific. This may be where the confusion comes in. An evaluation can be done by a person licensed to teach in any state, or by a person with a master’s degree or higher in an academic discipline. Parents can also use a report card or transcript from a community college, correspondence school, or distance learning program.

If you’re wondering where to purchase a test, HEAV has compiled a list of companies offering tests for homeschoolers. This includes the company names, contact information, prices, and any restrictions.

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