Josh Denhart presents the homeschool teen program at the HEAV homeschool convention in June


NEW! STEM Program for Teens by KidMin Science

The 2017 homeschool convention teen program add-on features five fabulous, hands-on STEM units on rockets, “super slime,” catapults, bridges, and science-in-a-bag for teens ages 12 and up! Registrants also get reserved seating at the “Amazing Chemisty Show” keynote on Saturday!


Geared toward students ages 12 and up
Cost: $69/student

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Rockets Teen Program at the Virginia Homeschool Convention

Ready, Set, Rockets!

“We are launching in…3…2…1…” Who wouldn’t like to create their own custom rocket and launch it over 200 feet in the air? The unique launching apparatus is completely safe, staying away from explosions, flame, or heat. Students choose the direction and pitch of launch using a telescoping arm for maximizing height or distance…their choice! Students learn about pressure, air, rocket balance, gravity, and trajectory. The “Ready, Set, Rocket” experience also includes stomp rockets, rocket balloons, and so much more!

Bridge Building

Students work as a team and construct a bridge from a very atypical set of resources. This inquiry-based S.T.E.M. project is not only outside the box, it is outside the comfort zones of traditional “cookie-cutter” science learning.  Students learn valuable life lessons about teamwork through planning, building and testing their bridge! Participants learn that in life we have limited time and limited resources–and we must work with other people different from us!


Ready…Aim…Fire…! Build your own working catapult with your very own hands! This hands-on experience is high on history, high on interaction and high on impact…literally! Students learn the historical details of medieval warfare from an ancient engineering perspective. Explore concepts like speed, acceleration, angular momentum, projectiles and applied sciences. Design, form, function, and teamwork allow for an exciting and memorable open-ended experience!

Super Slime

“Oooh… Gross… This is awesome!” Students try their hands as chemists as they measure, pour, mix and test their own unique mixture of “Super Slime”. Make slime… YUCK! Make gloop… GROSS! Make glow-in-the-dark atomic worms… DISGUSTINGLY COOL! Students are witness to a vivid slime demonstration with a polymer that “pours uphill”. Students learn about concepts such as measurement, scientific testing; gravity; viscosity; elasticity; polymers; plastics; and long-chain, carbon-based structures…with their hands! Basic chemical safety is introduced using simple and non-toxic chemicals.

Science in a Bag

“This is just like being a real scientist!” First, students carefully make observations prior to the reaction…anticipations builds! Next, as instructions are given, the plastic vial holding the red liquid is squeezed onto one side of the plastic zip-lock bag…a vivid color change…and this side is HOT! Then, as further instructions are given, the remaining red liquid is introduced to the other side of our reaction vessel…yikes…another vivid color change…double yikes…this side is FRIGID COLD! Finally, all ingredients are squished together…but the results of the rest of the reaction will remain a surprise…and an exciting surprise, indeed!