Homeschool STEM: Summer Science Experiments

Summer is the perfect time to try some messy outdoor activities and science experiments. Check out these great summer science experiments for some creative ways to keep the learning going year-round!

STEM-ulating Summer Science Experiments

These fizzy bottle rockets are so simple to create and make an explosive impression! A few kitchen supplies and an empty bottle or two from the recycling bin are all you need to get this rocket off the ground.

These bubble snake blowers are a great outdoor activity for younger students, and are a great way to introduce some simple science concepts as you create your bubble mixture and experiment with the types of bubbles you can blow.

These fireworks in a jar are equally appropriate inside and outdoors, so they’re a great idea to have in your back pocket for a rainy day. You’ll get to examine the densities of different liquids with this simple and colorful summer science experiment.

Have you ever experimented with cornstarch and water to make oobleck? Take that experiment a step further this summer with this homemade quicksand experiment. Older and younger students alike can be mesmerized by this strange, sometimes-solid, sometimes-liquid substance.

This floating stone experiment is perfect for an afternoon after a nature walk. You’ll need a collection of sticks, leaves, and other small items from nature, along with a pumice stone to conduct this experiment. Instead of a bucket, you can even use a small body of water like a stream or puddle instead of a bucket of water and conduct this experiment on the fly!

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