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Homeschooling in The Summer: Theodore Roosevelt Unit Study

Homeschooling in the summer, when the majority of public and private schooled students are running free, can be challenging. One of the amazing benefits of homeschooling, though, is the unique ability to express and reinforce an appreciation for everyday learning and a mindset that brings education out of the classroom and into the world.

Exploring the many facets of a historical figure and his or her impact on a variety of subjects is a great way to incorporate learning into fun summer activities, spark an interest that can lead to more detailed research, or even lay a foundation for a structured study when you resume formal lessons. Check out these summer homeschooling ideas and resources for a unit study on Theodore Roosevelt, including ideas for relating this topic to multiple subjects and even a family field trip!  

There are plenty of topics to explore in a study of our 26th president. From his political career and the adventures in his private life to his conservation efforts and writing, there is a lot to unpack. Fill a week, a month, or the entire summer–the topics of discussion are practically endless!

Check out Roosevelt’s biography, a photo gallery, and other interactive activities for studying this fascinating man at

You can add these Theodore Roosevelt facts and worksheets to a lapbook, use them to help with memory retention, and more.

What an interesting conversation you could start with this article about Roosevelt’s enthusiasm for Andrew Carnegie’s Simplified Spelling Board’s efforts in the early 1900s! Explore the evolution of words and language, and check out how many of the “simplified spellings” are in common use today.

Another excellent resource that can be used to jumpstart projects in writing, debate, logic, and even art, is this list of Theodore Roosevelt quotes from There is a wide variety of topics to explore. Choose a quote appropriate for your students’ ages and ask them to write or draw what they think the meaning is, ask them to choose a favorite quote and explain why they chose it, and examine how the quoted ideas could be put to use. 

Theodore Roosevelt Island, located in the Potomac River between Virginia and D.C., was designated as a living memorial to this passionate conservationist and outdoorsman. Plan a visit filled with hiking, wildlife observation, biking along the Potomac, or even kayaking around the island (the best way to observe how the island was shaped by the river!). 

Whether you are able to visit or not, check out the history of this fascinating little island, which is practically worthy of a unit study of its own.

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