Summer Homeschool- Best Water Activities for Learning

Summer Homeschool: Best Water Activities for Learning

Summer homeschooling calls for tons of hands-on, outdoor activities, and water learning activities perfect for the hot days! Introducing the element of water brings endless opportunities to study science, learn engineering, practice hand-eye coordination, and just have fun. Check out these five creative water activities for some great ideas to incorporate into your summer homeschool plan.

Fun Water Activities in Summer Homeschool

This DIY water wall is one of those projects that can really be as large or small as you like. You can tailor this activity to fit your environment, your students’ ages, and the time you have available. Bits and bobs from the hardware store (or maybe even from your garage or basement) come together in this endlessly customizable water wall. Put together a simple wall for younger students in an afternoon, or let the older ones get creative and broaden their engineering horizons. You could challenge students to come up with their own unique additions to the creation, and present what they learn about the STEM concepts they employ.

This water wheel STEM activity is great as a stand-alone activity or as an addition to the DIY water wall activity above. Students can try it out with a hose outside, at the kitchen sink, or even in a bathtub.

A twist on the concept of a pinata, with an element that opens the door for some history lessons, this water balloon jousting game is a great summer party game or as a water activity for a summer homeschool lesson. Assembling the target is a good exercise in engineering (note that adult supervision is required for steps that require cutting). You can even learn a bit about medieval jousting before letting the students try the game out for themselves–although this version helpfully eliminates the element of participants running toward each other with pointy sticks. The actual game is a cool carnival style game that practices hand-eye coordination and is fun for all ages!

Turn a water balloon target game into phonics practice and let your littles practice sight words, spelling, and more. All you need are water balloons, a permanent marker, and some paper targets (you can make the targets last longer by laminating or sealing with packing tape).

This DIY PVC pipe water shooter is a great project for the family to work on together. Everyone can make their own toy for an epic water battle later, but sharing tips and insights with each other will be a helpful part of this STEM learning activity, which will likely involve a little trial and error.

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