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Summer Homeschool Science


A wonderful part of homeschooling is drawing on your own day-to-day experiences and using the lessons to instill a life-long appreciation of learning. Casual summer lessons can be just as productive as structured schoolwork. These hot summer days often result in the perfect illustration for some homeschool science fun. Check out these thunderstorm science experiments, learn how to make lightning in a bottle, and more in this Homeschool Living.

Casual Summer Lessons of Homeschool Science

Why are there more thunderstorms in the summer? Learn why summer weather conditions are more conducive to the flash and bang of thunderstorms, and how they interact to create such natural spectacles.

You can use simple food coloring and water to illustrate convection and how warm and cold elements in the air and water cause ocean currents, storms, and more.

This lightning in a bottle experiment uses simple household items and static electricity to create an awesome visual that will fascinate students of all ages!

Sometimes the simplest lessons make the biggest impact–or at least the most noise! Grab a paper bag and show the kids how thunder works with this easy experiment that everyone can join.

The Love of Thunderstorms

If you’re one of those people who love watching thunderstorms and love snuggling in for a cozy afternoon out of the rain, it can be easy to forget that not everyone enjoys the sights and sound of a raging storm. These tips for comforting kids and staying safe during severe weather can help the whole family make the most of the summer science experience. 

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