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Strawberry Lessons

With summer fast approaching, take advantage of the warm weather and create a fun strawberry unit study with plenty of activities and science, health, agriculture, and home economics applications. Find your local strawberry festival and plan a fun field trip this month, then check out these recipes, science lesson ideas, and crafts to round out your strawberry unit study.

Hit up a local strawberry festival for tons of kid-friendly activities, strawberry treats, and more. Or, visit a local farmer’s market that features pick-your-own strawberries for a family field trip. Strawberries are an excellent option for all ages to “pick their own,” as they are low to the ground and accessible to even small harvesters.

Try one–or all!–of these ten kid-friendly strawberry treats, including strawberry fruit roll-ups, strawberry freezer jam, and strawberry cream cheese muffins. You’ll find a use for all those strawberries in no time!

Check out these 18 health benefits of strawberries from Organic Facts for some delicious reasons to incorporate these cheery fruits into your summer diet.

Contrary to the indication in their name, strawberries are not actually berries. Use the description of true berries and the diagram at Live Science to illustrate a science lesson that can be tailored to students of multiple ages. On your next trip to the supermarket, let your students explore the produce section with their new-found information and examine fruits to determine which are really “true berries.”

This sweet strawberry rock craft is a simple craft for all ages, utilizing small rocks and paint you likely already have in your house and backyard. (You can also buy inexpensive river pebbles for floral arrangements and aquarium decorations at the dollar store or craft store.) This blogger suggests using the strawberry pebbles as charming flower bed decorations or leaving them around your town to spread some sweet summer cheer.

If you’re up for a longer-term component to your strawberry unit study, consider constructing your own vertical (or horizontal) strawberry planter out of inexpensive PVC pipe. Growing your own food is a science, agriculture, and economics lesson in and of itself, and encourages a deep appreciation for the work that goes into even this small part of providing food.

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