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Steve Demme

Featured Speaker

Steve and his wife, Sandra, have been married since 1979. They have been blessed with four sons, three lovely daughters-in-law, and six special grandchildren. Their fourth son has Down syndrome and lives with them in Lititz, PA. Steve has served in full- or part-time pastoral ministry for many years after graduating from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He is the creator of Math-U-See and the founder of Building Faith Families.

Steve Demme’s Workshops: 

Thursday 4-5 p.m.

Special-Needs Children: Finding Support for the Journey

This workshop is Steve’s testimony of his last 30 years as the father of a child with special needs. He shares what his family has learned as a result of Johnny’s disability, and the special, rewarding, joyful role he has played in their lives. Even in the difficult experiences of life, God proved faithful. His grace sustained them and brought good out of their struggles and disappointments.

Session 1

Fundamentals of Algebra Taught Concretely

Instead of mere symbols on paper, Steve demonstrates with manipulatives the central concepts of algebra: problem solving, exponents, squares, square roots, negative numbers, basic operations with polynomials, factoring trinomials, and graphing lines. Come and experience an “Aha!” moment.

Session 2

For Pastors and Parents: Reflections on Relationships

Steve Demme—a homeschool father who has served as a pastor, youth leader, and school teacher—reflects on relationships between the home, church, and school.

Session 4

Loving Your Family Well

God designed a father to serve and lay his life down for his wife and children. Jesus was a loved son before He was a loving Savior. Our relationship with our Heavenly Father is essential to our relationships with the members of our family.

Session 5

Being Quick to Hear and Slow to Speak

This is a practical session on how to listen to what has been said, and then how to follow up with good questions to understand the speaker. As families who are together many hours a day, it is important that we learn how to interact in a godly manner. Our job is to encourage and love; God is the one who changes hearts.