State-Recognized Diploma

Q. My teen’s college application asks if he has received a state-recognized high school diploma. How should I respond?

A. Without directly saying “no,” I would explain how the Virginia homeschool laws may differ from other state homeschool laws.

I suggest you state that under the homeschool statute of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the state does not have the authority to issue a homeschool diploma, nor does it have the authority to recognize a homeschool diploma.

You may also want to mention that your homeschool has been in compliance with the Code of Virginia as described in 22.1-254.1 (or other sections if they were used). The statute allows parents to choose and teach or administer a course of study that fits the goals of the student. Upon completion of the prescribed course of study, a diploma is issued and signed by the parent(s) verifying the authenticity of the completed course of study.

I hope this helps!



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