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Simple Living, Freely & Lightly

One of the greatest blessings of homeschooling is that our kids really live and learn at home. However, this also presents one of the greatest challenges of homeschooling. Managing lesson plans, extra-curricular activity schedules, meal plans, and household care with children around, more often than not, requires greater family cooperation and involvement, and–perhaps–some simplification. This Homeschool Living explores some of the ways that simple living can lift the burden of “stuff” and help you live more freely and lightly to benefit your home, your health, and your family.

The idea of minimalism can seem scary. Do you have to replace all of your kids’ toys with a stick and a string? Does everyone get plain black and white clothes like some kind of colorless family uniform? Chantel from An Intentional Life explores the ways in which a more minimalistic approach can affect your family life in her post “Is Minimalism Right for Your Family?”

Allie Casazza of The Purposeful Housewife shares her thoughts–and favorite Bible verses–about how a simpler, more minimalistic life is an expression of faith. Check out Allie’s workshops at the 2019 HEAV Convention, including “Minimalism and Motherhood,” “Simple Homeschooling,” and “Running an Online Business While Homeschooling.”

Deb Mantel, a popular Christian songwriter and musician, shares lessons she’s learned about simplifying her space, schedule, and soul, and what it means to live freely and lightly.

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” –  commonly attributed to W.B. Yeats.

This poignant post from a homeschool mom talks about how her family’s return to simpler life allows her to incorporate more “fire” into her homeschool and “stop filling pails.”

Explore these ideas for simplifying your homeschool from Simply Living for Him.

These seven tiny steps for the beginner minimalist from Be More with Less offer small, practical ways to begin simplifying your life.  

What does the Bible say about minimalism and how does it tie to God’s instructions regarding stewardship? Check out this article from

Check out this Homeschool Living for more tips and ideas for simplifying your home and lifestyle.

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