Sensory Summer Activities for Your Homeschool

Sensory activities and outside summertime are perfect for some fun with learning through hands-on focus in your homeschool. You’ll be able to spend some time outdoors, soak up some sunshine, and keep the mess outside. These activities require few supplies (most of which you likely already have on hand) and little prep time. The best part? These summer homeschool sensory activities provide natural learning opportunities that are perfect for an unstructured learning approach that blends right into your homeschool living!

Homemade Sensory Activities

Blowing bubbles in the sunshine is a quintessential summer activity. These homemade bouncing bubbles take it to the next level, allowing your students to–carefully!–catch and bounce the bubbles on gloved hands. Younger kids will be fascinated by bubbles they can catch, and because bouncing bubbles require gentle interaction, it’s a great way for littles to practice motor control and hand-eye coordination. Older students can do a little research, with some guidance if need be, to figure out why the bubbles cannot be touched or caught with a bare hand instead of gloves. Learning why the oils on their hands would break the soap mixture bubbles is a great science lesson in disguise.

Ice won’t last long outside on these scorching summer days, but that’s okay if your sensory activity for the day involves melting blocks of ice! Check out this cool 3-in-1 hands-on activity, science experiment, and snack for the perfect cooling sensory activity on a summer homeschool day.

These colorful prints made from shaving cream and food coloring make a great quick craft. If the weather is nice, this is a great activity for outdoors, but it can be contained easily enough for an indoor activity too. You may need to help younger students fill the pans with shaving cream, but letting them smooth the surface with a spatula and apply the food color drops turns this sensory activity into fine motor skills practice, and is fun even for older kids.

These watermelon suncatchers make a great sensory summer craft for a rainy day. Note that though the instructions say to use clear adhesive shelf liner, you can achieve similar results with craft glue and wax paper or by sandwiching the colored tissue between strips of clear packing tape.

These summer sensory activity bin ideas are so creative, and an awesome way to introduce a variety of materials, motor and language skills, colors, and shapes to your preschoolers.

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