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Rebecca Spooner

Featured Speaker

Rebecca is a homeschool mom of five kids, creator of Gather ‘Round Homeschool, owner of Homeschoolon.com, and author of the More Than Words Bible curriculum. She is a second-generation homeschooler passionate about sharing her successes and failures–and being authentic and honest that homeschooling is not always easy, but it is possible. Join her for stories from the trenches of homeschool life that are relatable, funny, and all too true. And may you walk away with practical tools and strategies and a fresh new perspective to keep you going. Bring a cup of coffee; it’s about to get real.


THURSDAY: noon to 1 p.m.
Getting Over Your Fear of the Teenage Years

Do you think you need to put your kids in school for high school? What if there is another way? Credits, GPAs, relationships, attitudes… If you’re thinking about the teen years, it can make you feel overwhelmed and anxious. How can you prepare them? In this session, Rebecca talks about high school and breaking the narrative that finding something accredited or rigorous is the only way. You have a whole lot more options than you think you do. Yes, you can do this all the way through. And even if you leave a gap in your wake, your kids are going to be just fine and still able to accomplish all that God has for them. Come hear real stories and lay down your burdens—the teenage years are going to be awesome!

Session 1

To the Newbie: It’s Going to Be Okay

If you are just starting out with homeschooling, it can feel like an entirely new world. There is a new language to learn, a plethora of “must read” books, entire niches and styles, more curriculum than you know what to do with, and questions—so many questions! The biggest thing you need to know is that there are a lot fewer rules than you think there are, and a lot of freedom for you to find your own path. There isn’t one way to do this. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or not even sure why you are here, take a deep breath and come laugh, maybe cry, and just have a real conversation with someone who has grown up in this homeschool world as both a homeschooled child and now as a homeschool mom. You’re not going to mess them up, everyone else doesn’t always have the best answers, and you aren’t here by accident. Welcome to the journey. You’re not just going to survive; God wants you to thrive!

Session 3

Is It Enough?

How do you know that you are doing enough? The pressure to do it right, not mess up your kids, and fill in all the gaps is coming from all sides—often to the detriment of our children. This session is all about permission: permission to make homeschooling what it needs to be for you, to raise out-of-the-box thinkers, to skip that lesson, and to refuse to settle. If this question has been plaguing you, you need to sit in this session to remind yourself that you don’t have to aim for the national average—you can choose extraordinary! Raise world changers with me.

Session 4

Working & Homeschooling (How Is It Possible?)

Are you trying to homeschool, keep up with your house, fit in your job, and find time for yourself? How do you juggle it all when you are doing practically three full-time jobs at once? If you are working (or considering how feasible it might be), this session is for you. Hear from Rebecca— author, speaker, CEO of an international company, and homeschool mom of five—as she shares her strategies and tips. Yes, this is possible, but it is going to take determination, a fresh perspective, and a whole lot of God. Bring coffee and a notebook—we have a lot to talk about.

Session 5

Connection in a Disconnected World

Do you feel like you spend your days doing all the things—helping your kids survive but not reaching their hearts? Do you feel disconnected from your spouse? Your friends? God? This session is about intimacy, and how to cultivate a culture of peace and intentionality in the midst of our fast-food society. Here’s the good news—it isn’t about doing more; it’s about learning how to sleep in the boat. Come hear real stories of both failure and victory as Rebecca shares how following God’s quiet whisper has led her through the chaos to find real connection at just the right moments. It isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely going to be real.