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Prince William

The district has now complied with the homeschool law! In January, we provided information and guidance relating to inconsistencies with the law on the district’s notice of intent form. As explained, we initially reached out to the district in July of 2023. After several follow up inquiries, in December, office personnel informed us the district would review and update their forms with a must-meet deadline of May 1, 2024.

Once HEAV advised the associate superintendent for student services of the situation, she promptly stepped in to address and resolve our concerns. We are pleased to report the district website now links to HEAV’s NOI form which is consistent with the law, case law, and VDOE guidance.

We are thankful to the associate superintendent for supporting Prince William homeschool families and providing this positive resolution.

What You Should Know:

HEAV is always available should you ever have questions or need assistance. Please contact us anytime at 804-278-9200 or via our contact form.

Patricia Beahr
HEAV Assistant Director of Government Affairs

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