In Virginia, homeschoolers are required to submit their Notice of Intent to Provide Home Instruction (NOI) by August 15 for the upcoming school year.

Every year, we get many questions—from new homeschoolers and veterans alike—about specific situations and how to handle them in their NOI.  We thought it might be helpful to YOU if we rounded up a bunch of these questions in one place to help you comply with Virginia state homeschool laws.

Our Guide to Submitting Your NOI:

Before we get into all the questions we’ve been asked over the years, take a moment to look over our guide to submitting your Notice of Intent to homeschool in Virginia. This outlines all the legal points you should know before you begin—and might answer your question!

And if you are brand new to homeschooling in Virginia, you’ll want to read our guide to Getting Started!

Homeschool Questions & Answers

Our Homeschool Questions and Answers blog posts are written by Yvonne Bunn.  If you have additional questions on this topic that aren’t answered in the links within this post, please feel free to post them in the comments!  Yvonne is always glad to help. ♥  Your question just might become the next Homeschool Q&A post!

If you have questions about your notice of intent to homeschool in the state of Virginia, or if you run into problems with your local school board, please call HEAV for help. We are here to help all homeschooling families in Virginia, even if you are not a member of our organization.

Information to Include/Exclude on your Virginia Notice of Intent to Homeschool:

A family received a Notice of Intent form from their school district that asked a lot of extra questions beyond what is required by law. Read what to do if your school district asks extra questions.

Wondering if it’s better to use your transcript or your diploma to satisfy the requirements for option (i)?

What if I have don’t have diploma, but have a GED?

People often wonder about including their child’s date of birth on their NOI, and some school districts have even sent letters requesting dates of birth for their records. Find out if you need to include a date of birth on your NOI!

Here is another great question.  In this case, the school requested additional contact information.

Many homeschoolers teach some subjects at home and join co-ops for other subjects. A family asked if they needed to include who was teaching each subject on their NOI.

For option (i) many families submit a transcript or diploma to satisfy the requirements of that option. In this question, a family wonders if they really need to send that same diploma in every year with their NOI.

Do you even have to send in an NOI if you are homeschooling your kindergartener?

Since testing only requires math and language arts, are these the only subjects I should list on my NOI?

And what about certified teachers or tutors?

Virginia Homeschool Notice of Intent Complications and Denials:

Here’s what to do if your superintendent rejects your NOI because you have a homeschool diploma rather than a public school diploma.

What if you lost your diploma?

And here’s a question about a denial that happened because the family hadn’t turned in evidence of progress for the previous year.

Should you worry if the acknowledgment letter from the superintendent is late?

What do you do if you send in your NOI and never hear another word about it? Yvonne shares your legal obligations as well as those of your superintendent.

Read here about what to do if you are put on homeschool probation by mistake!

Beginning Mid-Year:

Step by step, here’s how to withdraw from school and start homeschooling in Virginia mid-year.

We’ve gotten so many questions about starting to homeschool mid-year if you just moved to the state, that Yvonne did a whole video on the topic. Find out how to comply with Virginia laws even if you move to the state late in the year.

You can also find our guide to starting homeschooling mid-year here, where we answer a lot of questions about pulling your child from public school and beginning the homeschool journey.

Do you have to withdraw your child from school in person?

Graduating from Homeschool and NOIs:

This is a great post all about how to graduate your child from homeschooling, including information on if or when you should submit your last NOI and evidence of progress.

NOIs and Testing

Do you need to test BEFORE you start homeschooling so that the test at the end of the year shows progress?

Do you need to test your kindergartener?

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