Notice of Intent

Q. My school district sent a link to their Notice of Intent form and said I must provide a Notice of Intent electronically. Am I required to do that?

A. You are not required to use their form or send it by email. The only homeschool law that has changed this year is the emergency action by Governor Northam and the VDOE to waive testing. The law requires notification of your intent to homeschool by August 15 each year. It does not require a parent to use any particular Notice of Intent (NOI) form. You may write a letter if you prefer. 

Neither does the law require submission in one particular way. You may deliver it electronically, by mail, or by hand. Some districts are suggesting email submission due to COVID-19.

Notice of Intent Safeguards

1. Be careful in using the linked NOI form provided by a school division. Division generated forms often require (sometimes in mandatory fields) more information than the law requires–things such as birth dates, birth certificates, grade level, etc. Again, the law does not require you to use their form.

2. Be sure to obtain a receipt. Your receipt is proof you submitted your NOI prior to the August 15 deadline. If you mail it, pay extra for a return/receipt. If you hand-deliver it, request a stamped receipt from the office staff. If you send it electronically, you may or may not receive an auto-response confirmation receipt.

HEAV has a Notice of Intent form that complies with the Virginia homeschool law §22.1-254.1.

Learn more about filing your Notice of Intent here.

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