Nathanael Miller

Featured Speaker

Nathanael Miller has over 15 years of experience driving technology breakthroughs at NASA and in industry. He has served as a technology leader in the areas of robotic design, space mission analysis, satellite design, advanced manufacturing, technology evaluation, and technology transfer. Nathanael’s work in innovation has been recognized by the White House and featured in Wired magazine. Nathanael currently wears multiple hats as he pursues his life focus of bringing personal and technology breakthroughs and seeing Heaven come to Earth. As the technology manager at Innovyz-USA, he works to create new companies to address global challenges through advanced materials and advanced manufacturing. As a partnership strategy analyst at NASA, he works to discover NASA’s aeronautics mission of tomorrow.


Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe?

In this session, Nathanael Miller and Ryan Collins discuss the rise of AI and its potential to reshape society, from the job market to disrupting the education system. Miller and Collins will cover how to use AI as a tool that moves humanity forward and warn of the potential dangers of allowing AI to dictate every aspect of our lives.