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Montgomery County

After months of reaching out to the Montgomery County school district (the homeschool liaison, superintendent, school board chair, and vice chair), they have responded in a positive way. HEAV expects parents will see the following items addressed:

  • a correction in the district’s policy that would remove the text indicating that parents must provide, at minimum, their child’s date of birth, the grade level of each subject being taught, and the names/agency providing the instruction;
  • a correction to the district’s NOI form that removes curriculum reporting that goes beyond a list of subjects to be taught;
  • a correction to the website to reflect the legal, annual NOI deadline of August 15th instead of August 1st;
  • an understanding that homeschool graduation is determined by the parent. The law does not require parents to obtain a written statement from their child’s evaluator as verification of the parent’s judgment and decision regarding graduation;
  • an indication that use of district forms is optional. HEAV encourages parents to use HEAV’s NOI form as it only contains fields for information that is required by the law.

HEAV will follow up with the Montgomery County school district regarding these concerns. We look forward to seeing these changes.

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Patricia Beahr
Assistant Director of Government Affairs

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