Mike Schutt

Featured Speaker

Mike Schutt is executive director of Worldview Academy, a ministry that trains Christians to think in accord with biblical worldview so that they might more effectively serve Christ and engage the culture. Mike has taught on the faculty of Worldview Academy for 21 years. He is also the founding director of the Christian Legal Society’s Law School Fellows program, and he has served on the law school faculties of both Regent University and Trinity University. Mike and his wife Lisa have three married children and six grandchildren.

Mike Schutt


Friday Session 2 ~ 1:30 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. B-15 B

In Confusing Times, Confused Neighbors

Discover how the modern view of the self has resulted in confusion and despair in this generation of students. What is the root, and what is the role of the Christian family and the body of Christ in this day and age? Join Mike for an interactive discussion that draws on the recent work of Carl Trueman, Christian Smith, Charles Taylor, and others to identify the modern sources of confusion and some potential paths back to truth.

Saturday Session 4 ~ 10:45 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. B-15 C

Empowering Teens: A Conversation ~ Paul Hastings, Candice Dugger, Hal & Melanie Young, Mike Schutt, and Anne Miller

With a wealth of experience and wisdom joined together in one room, Paul Hastings leads the conversation with Candice Dugger, Hal and Melanie Young, Mike Schutt, and Anne Miller on what it looks like to navigate the teen years. You’ll discover how to guide your teens to adulthood with confidence while fostering healthy relationships! From tackling challenges to crafting worldviews to simple tips and tricks, this workshop is full of valuable perspectives for families with teens.