Call 804-278-9200 to sign up today! Lifetime Membership cost is $1,500.



What a deal—HEAV lifetime members not only receive all the great benefits of our basic membership, but as lifetime members, you and your family get free entry into the annual HEAV convention every year.* Your family will save up to $185 on convention registration and membership renewal in just one year!


We understand many of you would love to take advantage of this fantastic value, but with all the other expenses related to your home-education commitment, writing a check for $1,500 is a challenge. Now there is a way to make it a little easier for your family to take advantage of the long-term benefits of lifetime membership.

When you sign up today, HEAV will process your membership in three monthly payments of $500 using your debit or credit card–AND you will be able to reap the benefit of a free convention next year.

Three other moms and I have a great tradition that alone makes it worthwhile to purchase the lifetime membership! We use the HEAV convention as an opportunity to spend time with our high-school-aged daughters. We have a terrific time, work together in the used-curriculum hall as volunteers, and hang out in one of the hotel rooms at night with snacks and lots of laughing. The lifetime membership more than pays for itself in about two years, and the moms and girls look forward to it every year! —Donna Spann of Lorton