Israel Wayne

Featured Speaker

Israel Wayne is an author and conference speaker who has a passion for defending the Christian faith and promoting a biblical worldview. He and his wife, Brook, live in southwest Michigan and are homeschooling parents of 11 children. Israel is the author of many books including Answers for Homeschooling, Education: Does God Have an Opinion? and Raising Them Up: Parenting for Christians. He is also the site editor for and the founder of Family Renewal.

Israel Wayne


FRIDAY – Session 1
Conversations: Homeschool Dads’ Perspectives ~ Paul Hastings, Israel Wayne, & Troy Simons

How has the role of fathers changed within the family? In American media, the role of a dad has been often marginalized, leaving some wondering what dads have to contribute to the family. This is especially relevant in the busy hustle and bustle of a homeschool family, where mom often leads the charge. Do dads really have an impact today? (Spoiler alert: of course they do!) Join homeschool dads Paul Hastings, Troy Simons, and Israel Wayne as they discuss the vital impact fathers have in forging unity and relationships within the family.

Friday Session 2 ~ 1:30 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. B-17

The Difference Between Schooling & Education

Most people think of schooling when they hear the word “education.” In reality, however, the two are not intrinsically linked in any way. Learn why most people are schooled, but never truly educated, and how you can ensure your children get a great education, even without schooling.

Friday Session 3 ~ 3 p.m. – 3:45 p.m. B-15 C

Common Mistakes Christian Parents Make

Many well-intentioned parents make harmful mistakes as they relate to their children. These mistakes often contribute to bitterness in their children. Over time, they can result in children rejecting their parents and their values. Learn to avoid these pitfalls.

Saturday Session 5 ~ 1:30 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. B-15 C

Pitchin’ a Fit: Overcoming Angry and Stressed-Out Parenting

Everyone struggles with anger on some level, but when anger is a frequent occurrence with your children, over time, it will damage your relationships and hinder your effectiveness. Are you tired of being stressed-out and ready to have a peaceful atmosphere in your home? Learn how, in this important workshop.