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Homeschool Teatime

Right now, your homeschool probably isn’t lacking for at-home together time! But while there is a temporary moratorium on extra-curricular activities outside your home, how are you using that extra time to create a peaceful flow to your day? Consider a family teatime–whether you do it daily, weekly, or on some other schedule. It’s a beautiful way to create a routine of spending a peaceful time together, slowing down, and enjoying a safe place for everyone to talk, read, share stories, and drop the stress of lessons and chores for an hour or so. 

This “Apologetic for Poetry Teatime” outlines some lovely and persuasive reasons to share a sweet treat and a cuppa with every member of the family, while immersing yourselves in the beauty of the written (poetic) word. Family members of all ages participate–that’s the most important part!

This post from can provide some insight into how a teatime ritual can fit into your homeschool schedule–however structured or relaxed the rest of your day may be! One of the absolute best things about homeschooling is your ability to create a schedule that works for your family, and to prioritize the things that are important to you.

You can find links to some fun tea recipes and some ways to use your teatime to introduce other cultures and reinforce etiquette in this post from Naturally Persnickety.

This sweet post from Homegrown Friends shares a mother’s ideas on the importance of sharing afternoon tea with her children and some of the aspects she considers most important in their time together.

There are a ton of books about teatime to introduce to your children! You can use them as read-aloud material during your teatime or pick a favorite few to read during the week to build anticipation for your own tea party!

This post from Music in Our Homeschool includes YouTube links to top 100 classical music pieces all children should hear. These could make wonderful background music for your teatime, and can help elevate the “classy” feeling that comes with using “nice” china, eating fancy snacks, and even dressing up a little.

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