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Believe it or not, summer has flown by, and it’s time to get excited about starting a new homeschool year! Whether you’re a veteran homeschooler or just beginning, organizing and re-evaluating your homeschool space is an important part of your planning. Take a look at this Homeschool Living for some handy tips, inspiring ideas, and fun tricks for setting up, organizing, and really using your homeschool space.

These 35 homeschool room ideas for small spaces are fun to browse and glean ideas for utilizing even the tiniest spaces as your homeschool room.

It’s easy to fixate on the “perfect” organizational system, reject workable spaces and pieces because they don’t match the “ideal” homeschool room, or become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of ideas out there. This blog post from Blissfully Domestic tackles six common mistakes people make when creating a homeschool space and offers advice on how to fix them.

There are tons of pictures out there that could have been ripped from the pages of a magazine, but are real homes ever that clean and organized (and void of human life)? Check out these real-life homeschool spaces in a tiny home from Raising Lifelong Learners.

If you dream of a beautifully organized homeschool room, but have no extra room to put it in, it might be difficult to resign yourself to utilizing smaller spaces throughout your home.  But the truth is, learning can take place any time, anywhere. Isn’t that one of the reasons you’re homeschooling? Here are some essential tips for creating organized, useable, and most of all, liveable spaces that fit into your home and your life and learning styles.

A desk space is arguably the most important part of your homeschool space. From simple DIYs to creative weekend projects, these 20 DIY desks offer you limitless ideas for bringing together pieces and spaces you already have and turning them into the desk space you need for your learners–and yourself!

Organization is vital to a homeschool space, especially a small one. These creative homeschool storage solutions are great ways to take care and keep track of extra supplies, those tricky spiral-bound books, flash cards, electronics and accessories, and more!

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