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Homeschool Egg Unit Study

May is National Egg Month, so this is a great time to celebrate the health benefits of eggs, experiment with egg science, learn about eggs in the animal kingdom, and more! Check out this Homeschool Living for some fun unit study ideas, science experiments, and egg recipes to incorporate into your own egg-cellent homeschool unit study.

Health Benefits of Eggs

Start with some delicious reasons to celebrate egg month–from the numerous health benefits to the variety of tasty and creative ways you can incorporate them into your family’s diet as an inexpensive protein. Check out these top ten health benefits of eggs to learn how they function as a good source of protein and help support brain, muscle, eye, immune, and heart health by providing a variety of nutrients.

Egg Unit Study

This egg science unit study is perfect for younger students at kindergarten and early elementary levels. Students will examine and learn to identify the parts of an egg, practice observational skills and deductive reasoning, and experiment with the shell and membrane of an egg.

Eggs are used in cooking in a huge variety of ways. This egg science lesson explores the ways egg proteins change when you heat them, whip them, and mix them with other ingredients to determine the roles eggs can play in your cooking.

Egg Recipes

This cloud eggs recipe is an easy and delicious way to experiment with whipping eggs–an essential kitchen skill that kids can learn early.

My favorite way to cook with eggs is this fool-proof angel food cake. The trick is patience–especially in the folding. If you have a hand or stand mixer, whipping the eggs is simple, but remember that you can’t speed up the cake-making process by beating in your dry ingredients! Make this treat with your kids and serve with fresh strawberries for the perfect summer dessert.

Egg-Laying Animals

Take your egg studies beyond the quintessential chicken egg and check out the variety of wonderful and wacky egg-layers in the animal kingdom.

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