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Homeschool Diploma Not Accepted

This homeschool parent walked into his local school administration office to deliver her notice of intent. Typically, this consists of a few-minute interaction, where the parent hands over his documents and receives a receipt, verifying that he or she has complied with the law. Not today.

This mom was taken to a separate room and told her homeschool diploma would not work. She was questioned as to her reasons for wanting to homeschool.

NOTE: The Homeschool Statute does not require a parent to provide reasoning for homeschooling, and it doesn’t give the local school district the authority to require it.

Nonetheless, the representative argued that the school district’s virtual program would suffice as the parent could still teach the family’s religion while using it. Furthermore, he said it would provide the child with a “real diploma.”

Eventually, the district refused to accept this parent’s NOI but indicated they would reconsider the diploma if a color copy with a clear seal were provided. This wise parent persisted in her intent to homeschool, left, and promptly called HEAV.

STATUS: Resolved. The parent mailed his notice of intent and a color copy of her diploma, along with a letter. In it, she explained clearly and politely that she had complied with the Homeschool Statute.

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