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Grateful Hearts In Your Homeschool

Learning to be grateful and say “thank you” isn’t always the easiest lesson to teach–or learn. In a season that often seems to focus on overindulgence, being joyful in our circumstances, thankful for the things we already have, and selfless with our time and resources can be hard to do. This week, explore some ways to help your children–and yourself: slow down, take stock, express gratitude, practice selfless giving, and revel in the joy of God’s promises this season. Explore these ideas for cultivating a whole season of joy and gratitude to take right into the new year!

Growing Grateful

The Gratitude Game from Teach Beside Me is a sweet, low-key family game to play after dinner. If you have a game of pick-up sticks already, you can use it as is. If not, coloring or painting wooden skewers or sticks will make a fun project for younger kids.

With this gratitude lesson plan by Kids of Integrity, students can make a scarecrow, bake “manna” wafers, and learn how God provided for the Israelites when they were “pilgrims” journeying to a new land. The lesson plan and activities will help kids grow with a grateful attitude, remember to trust God with their needs, recognize blessings and praise God for them, and develop a joyful spirit.

Gratitude in Challenges

But what if your look back at this past year isn’t all rosy? Health issues, financial difficulties, and family problems can make joy and gratitude feel very far away. How do you help your children–and yourself–cultivate a heart of gratitude in difficult and unhappy situations?

The author of this blog post includes a list of Bible verses to read, write, and remember in times of hardship and fear.

This “Thankfulness No Matter What” lesson plan from Ministry to Children draws on the story of Jehoshaphat from 2 Chronicles to demonstrate God’s enduring love, and includes a Bible reading, application lesson, and craft.

Part of sharing a joyful and grateful spirit with others is in selfless service and trusting God to provide for your needs.

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