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Family Activities for Leap Day

The IRS isn’t the only one who (might) owe you a refund this year. This year is a leap year, so we’ll get one whole extra day tomorrow!

Time Refund Day is on leap day, February 29, and is all about reclaiming our time. Celebrate it with a family activity you enjoy most: make a special dinner together, volunteer for a cause that’s important to you, start a new book, plan a fun day trip, or just spend a glorious day without planned activities and savor the freedom from a schedule. Whatever you do, it’s all about making the best use of that refund. We can’t create more time, so use it wisely! Check out this Homeschool Living for some fun, creative, and inspiring ways to spend your extra time!

The math behind leap day is a fascinating lesson for older students and can even be simplified for younger students learning fractions.

Leap Day Time Capsule

A fun leap day family activity–even if you put it together on Friday to keep your leap day schedule clear!–is to create a leap year time capsule. This can be as simple or elaborate as you like. You could decorate an old cardboard box together, or even hit up the attic, yard sale, or antique store for a unique container for your time capsule. Make sure you write down the story of any adventures you have creating your capsule! You can include family pictures, write a bit about what each family member is doing right now, have kids draw pictures or write letters to themselves, write out a favorite family recipe, record favorite or funny moments from this year, and even stuff small toys, crafts, or collected nature items into the capsule. Then seal the capsule up and put it away to be opened on the next leap day. Burying it is not necessary–though you can if you want! Tucking it away in a closet, attic, or basement will do just fine. (Just make sure to store it away from moisture and extreme heat.)

Leap Day Time Well Spent

Another great way to spend leap day is volunteering. You can find an organization that everyone can serve as a family, or even let each member of the family choose something to do. If you need some inspiration, here are seven ways to serve others on Leap Day.

Check out this Homeschool Living, “Growing Selfless Children,” for some great reasons to volunteer and resources for volunteering!

Not every lesson or family activity requires a ton of pre-planning or money. You can check out this list of 29 family friendly leap day activities that require little to no planning.

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