Dr. Renton Rathbun

Convention Speaker

Renton has been a classroom teacher for over two decades. His teaching experience has included both secular and Christian institutions ranging from high school to college. He and his wife homeschooled their son Daniel who is now in college. Renton has spoken for homeschool venues such as the Foundations Summit, the Canadian Homeschool Symposium, Teach Them Diligently, Great Homeschool Conventions, and others. He has also preached in a variety of churches across the nation. Renton holds a BS in English education and an MA in interpretive speech from Bob Jones University. He also received an MFA in creative writing from Minnesota State University, an MA in philosophy from the University of Toledo, a ThM from Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, and has a PhD in apologetics from Westminster Theological Seminary. Renton is presently the director of the Center for Biblical Worldview at Bob Jones University as well as a Biblical Worldview National Consultant at BJU Press.

Dr. Renton Rathbun


Identity and Ideology: What Our Children Are Facing and How to Respond

Kids today are inundated with LGBTQ+ indoctrination via social media, entertainment, and personal friendships. Now there are movements, even within the church, that have accepted varying degrees of LGBTQ+ affirmation. Christian parents can take steps to address this issue biblically. In this session, we will explore how biblical worldview strategies can shape our children’s thinking about these concepts.

How Biblical Worldview Is Critical Thinking

Some view the biblical worldview as a nice addition to a curriculum if there is extra time. This fundamental misunderstanding of the shaping of a biblical worldview stems from the idea that critical thinking is possible without biblical worldview shaping. Because of the demands and scope of critical thinking as a discipline, biblical worldview is absolutely inherent in providing real critical thinking skills.

Preparing Children for the Public University

There have been many news articles about unrest and political activism in the public university. There have also been many stories of students leaving the faith after attending public universities. What will Christian homeschoolers encounter when they embark on attending such a place? After numerous years of teaching in public colleges and universities, Renton will lay out the challenges that Christian homeschoolers will face, as well as biblical strategies for preparing them for those challenges.