Dr. Marcus Ross

Featured Speaker

Marcus has loved dinosaurs since he was a kid growing up in Rhode Island. After earning a B.S. in earth science, he continued his studies with a M.S. in vertebrate paleontology and a Ph.D. in environmental science. Dr. Ross has taught college science classes in the areas of geology, paleontology, biology, and creation studies.He and his wife, Corinna, live in Lynchburg and homeschool their four children.

Dr. Marcus Ross


Saturday Session 4 ~ 10:45 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. E-24 A

Conversation: The Art of Teaching Science ~ Chris Davidson, Roger Patterson, Dr. Marcus Ross, & Rachael Yunis

Ever dream of an afternoon of magnifying glasses, journaling, lab coats, goggles, and deep questions from smiling, inquisitive children–only to have a disaster in your kitchen and yet another “failed” experiment? Teaching science can be an eye-opening and exciting experience. It can also be overwhelming and intimidating! Join Rachael Yunis, Dr. Marcus Ross, and Roger Patterson as they discuss the unique challenges and opportunities that science education provides to your family. Find freedom to enjoy exploring science with your children!