Dr. Amy Moore

Featured Speaker

Dr. Amy Moore is a cognitive psychologist, clinical researcher, board certified Christian counselor, TEDx speaker, host of the Brainy Moms podcast, an ADHD mom, and a mom with ADHD. She is the Director of Research for LearningRx in Colorado Springs, Colorado at the headquarters of the largest network of cognitive training centers in the world. Her neuroplasticity research has been published in multiple peer-reviewed medical and psychology journals and presented at conferences around the country. She has a master’s degree in education, a PhD in psychology, and 30 years of experience working with children and families. Dr. Amy is also the Care and Counseling Pastor at Larkspur Church in Larkspur, Colorado.

Dr. Amy Moore

Special Needs Conference

Thursday Noon – 1 p.m. B-15 A

Hacking ADHD: 5 Things Influencing Your Child’s Behavior & Learning

In this workshop, cognitive psychologist Dr. Amy Moore will share tips for understanding and helping children with attention problems. Based on neuroscience research, she will reveal surprising facts about the ADHD brain that will help homeschooling parents better connect with and teach kids who struggle with ADHD. With humor and real-life examples, Dr. Amy will ask you to examine five lifestyle pillars of influence on your child’s behavior and learning. You’ll learn tips to try with your children to help them manage the big emotions associated with ADHD and be able to engage more easily in thinking and learning.

Thursday 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. B-15 A

Grace-Based Teaching: A Neuroscience-Based Approach to Special Needs

Every teaching decision we make either strengthens the connection with our child or weakens the connection with our child. In this workshop, cognitive psychologist Dr. Amy Moore will share ways that homeschooling parents can transform their relationships with their children through a grace-based approach to teaching and parenting. Attendees will leave with new strategies for tackling common teaching challenges, improving communication with their children, and reducing arguments—all while strengthening the connections they have with their children.


Friday Session 1 ~ 10:45 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. E-11 B

Get off the Curriculum Carousel! Reasons Your Child Underperforms in Reading

In this workshop, cognitive psychologist Dr. Amy Moore will share how weaknesses in your instruction or reading curriculum may not be the root cause of your child’s poor reading performance. Instead, Dr. Amy will share how cognitive skills underlie the ability to think and learn effectively, and that strengthening cognitive skills may be a better choice than changing your curriculum…again. Weaving science with stories of hope and a fun brain-training demonstration, Dr. Amy will ensure attendees leave with a better understanding of what to look for in reading instruction and how brain-strengthening exercises can improve reading skills.

Saturday Session 5 ~ 1:30 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. E-21 B/C

Neurodivergent Panel
Homeschooling Neurodivergent Children: A Panel Discussion ~ Michelle Brownell, Rachel Anderson, Sarah Collins, Dr. Amy Moore, and Paul Hastings

Neurodivergence encompasses a wide spectrum of cognitive and emotional facets. The desire of homeschool families to create strong, healthy family relationships drives the search for meaningful strategies and support. Join Michelle Brownell, Rachel Anderson, Sarah Collins, and Dr. Amy Moore as they examine what neurodivergence can look like and how to tailor homeschooling approaches in support of various special needs. Gain access to a wealth of resources and tools from industry experts and leave with encouragement in the freedom to homeschool your exceptional children.

Special-Needs Conference 

Specially Designed for Parents of Struggling Learners
Homeschooling a child with a special need or learning difference—or who just struggles to “get it?” You are not alone! This year’s Thursday special needs conference is an all-day event that includes Dr. Amy Moore’s keynote, three separate breakout events, a resource fair, and Exhibit Hall shopping on Thursday evening.

The conference is included in your full-convention registration, or you may register for the special-needs conference only.