Misunderstood Motion

Misunderstood Motion

By Roger Patterson, “Mr. P”

Unlocking Science

God has programmed his laws into every part of creation, but we often have misconceptions about moving objects we experience every day.

Join Mr. P from Unlocking Science as he uses cool technology to explore the laws of motion! Watch exciting demonstrations as marbles race down a track and swing through the air. Join in for a hands-on exploration of the laws God has created to keep things moving.

Meet Roger Patterson
Answers in Genesis
Roger Patterson earned his BS Ed degree in biology from Montana State University. Formerly a high school science teacher, he became a writer of books and curriculum for Answers in Genesis. He currently serves as an Education Specialist at the Creation Museum and Ark encounter and stars as “Mr. P.” in the Unlocking Science series available on

Misunderstood Motion


Thursday, June 6
2 p.m. to 5 p.m.


8 – 19


*Parent must accompany the child.



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