Buy It Here!

The exhibitors in the Exhibit Hall—many of them homeschoolers themselves—come to the convention at great expense to share their knowledge, experience, and resources with you.

Support the HEAV Exhibitors

Please support the exhibitors through your purchases when you can!

Travel is expensive, and many exhibitors must choose to not attend conventions.

If you love the Exhibit Hall, please purchasie from the exhibitors who serve you on-site.

(Their presence also helps keep the convention affordable for you, too!)

Buy It Here = Enter to Win

Bring your receipt to one of the receipt redemption stations in the convention center to be validated, and for every $25 receipt, you’ll get a ticket for a drawing for a prize! There will be winners every day of the convention. More information will be found in your convention program.

Receipt Redemption Stations

  • HEAV Table – Lobby
  • Information Booth – Lobby
  • HEAV Table – Exhibit Hall
  • Book Check Table – Exhibit Hall
  • “Buy-It-Here” Table – near Demonstration Stage in Exhibit Hall

Nightly Drawings!
There will be one drawing each day of the convention.

Thursday and Friday – 8 p.m.

Last receipt redemption is at 7:30 p.m.

Saturday – 6:30 p.m.

Last receipt redemption is at 6:00 p.m.

“Buy It Here” Rules

Total before tax:
$24.01 – $49.00 = 1 ticket
$49.01 – $74.00 = 2 tickets
$74.01 – $99.00 = 3 tickets
$99.01 – $124.00 = 4 tickets
$124.01 – $149.00 = 5 tickets