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As one speaker put it: “Boys are the canaries in the coal mine of a culture losing its way.” When they stop singing, our society is in peril.

Homeschooling offers dads the freedom to connect with their sons daily, teaching them the strength and skills they just can’t learn in a classroom.

Whatever their strengths—whether they are athletes or artists, intellectuals or tradesmen—boys must be comfortable with who they are to grow into strong, godly men.

Here is a path at the Annual Homeschool Convention that can help.


Trail Life USA

Raising Godly Boys: The Four-Step Proven Process  

Learn proven methods to pull boys out of the cultural mire that seems to want to declare them deficient.

Let Boys Be Boys
Boys are like canaries in the coal mine of a culture losing its way. And they’ve stopped singing. Mark brings three simple but profound strategies that will immediately improve your appreciation of the wonder of boys.
What Kind of Monster Are You?

Based on an analogy between Jekyll and Hyde and Frankenstein’s monster, this workshop shows the uniqueness of Christianity and the bankruptcy of belief systems based on the  notion that man is basically good.

Lost Secrets of Ancient Civilization

Strange carvings. Impossible accomplishments. Baffling ancient maps. Strange machines. Mysteries from the past. How could ancient man DO all that?

Mike Snavely
Repulsive? Perhaps. But spiders are actually quite incredible– are marvels of design and very beneficial to mankind!
The Mystery of the Dinosaurs
There is a biblical alternative to the standard explanation for these creatures. This session answers the basic questions on the subject. What were they? When did they live? What really happened to them? Does the Bible talk about them? And more! This is one of our most requested sessions.
Loving Your Family Well

God designed a father to serve and lay his life down for his wife and children. Our relationship with our Heavenly Father is essential to our relationship with our family.


Raising Real Men

Parenting in a Gender-Confused World

Parenting in a Gender-Confused World
Research says 30% of Christian kids identify as other than straight. Parents desperately need help from a biblical perspective.

A Conversation with Dads…A Panel

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