Bring a friend to the convention

Convention Bring-a-Friend

Bring a Friend…and Earn a FREE Convention!

41st Annual Virginia Homeschool Convention
June 6 –8, 2024

It’s true…you could come to the convention FREE!

Everyone knows the convention is even more fun with friends.

So, again this year, we’re making it easy for you to share.

And when you share, you can get cash back!

Be a Friends & Family Ambassador!

When you register for the convention, you get a super opportunity to share your unique code with a friend (or 20!)

Then, every time someone uses your code, THEY save $5 off their registration, and YOU get a $5 refund off yours!

How It Works

When you register for the convention, you are automatically generated a unique link and code that you can share with your friends! Just go to your confirmation email and click on the words “view receipt.”

Below your registration information, you’ll see YOUR unique code. It will look something like this:


Then, just share it far and wide.

Every friend who uses your code saves $5 off their convention registration–and YOU rack up $5 every time your code is used.*

Bring a friend and save $5–or bring many friends and recoup your whole convention fee!


Payout will be issued on June 23, and the amount may not exceed your registration fee.

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