Certified Tutor and Notice of Intent

Q. If I file under the certified tutor statute, do I also need to provide a Notice of Intent?

A. It depends on whether you file under the certified tutor statute, §22.1-254(A), or if you file under option of the homeschool statute,§22.1-254.1. They are in separate sections of the Virginia Code and have different requirements.

If you comply with the certified tutor statute by sending a letter and your credentials for the superintendent’s approval, do NOT also submit a Notice of Intent (NOI). File one or the other, but not both.

Your notification should be in the form of a letter to the superintendent along with documents verifying your current Virginia teacher certification. This statute does not require you to notify yearly  or to submit annual end-of-year assessment results.

Parents who file a Notice of Intent form or write a letter are complying with the homeschool statute, §22.1-254.1. This requires yearly notification and submission of an end-of-year test or evaluation.

You may view more information about the certified tutor statute here.

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