Candice Dugger

Featured Speaker

Candice is the founder of Bullied Broken Redeemed, and a nationally recognized anti-bullying expert, author, speaker and trainer. Candice and her team specialize in equipping leaders, parents, and youth on all aspects of Gen Z bullying. These life-changing programs use interactive activities and projects to motivate and empower effective anti-bullying warriors. Candice has been featured on NBC, Christian Broadcasting Network, and Family Research Council, and she is a recognized trainer for Fortune 100 companies. She is regularly featured as a keynote speaker for national and international conferences. Along with her work as an anti-bullying thought leader, she specializes in helping families transition from public or private school to homeschool when a family is in crisis. Her popular “Coming Home” series has helped parents all over the world find hope and healing while using homeschooling as a foundation for the journey.