The Adventure of Homeschooling

The Adventure of Homeschoolingby Joy Hayden If you home educate your children, you will be asked the question, “Why did

Time, the Great Benefit of Homeschooling

by Diana Campbell I have a dear friend who owns an English garden. It is filled with all types of

Back to Routine: Keeping On

It’s been a rough couple of weeks around here. Not much hope for getting back to routine. I had a

He Won’t Get Married In Diapers: Worry-Free Parenting

by Sandra Modersohn My husband and I have been blessed with five amazing children, and though I certainly do not

A Journey to the Heart of a Homeschool

By Patricia Marie From the moment I laid eyes on my firstborn, I knew my life had changed. Like many

Learning to Love What Might Be Destroyed

By Lynna Sutherland You’ve heard the saying “learning to love what must be done,” right? The idea is that we

Homeschool Lessons for the Winter Blahs

Frigid temperatures and slushy roads will eventually make anyone start longing for spring, but don’t wish that snow and ice

Why Homeschool: Are You Homeschooling Out of Fear?

If there’s one thing I’ve heard over and over from veteran homeschoolers, it’s that we shouldn’t homeschool out of fear.

Vacation Brain – When You Need a New Brain

KYNDRA STEINMANN Lately, I’ve had a bad case of “vacation brain”! As is usual at this point in the year,

Three Reasons Homeschool Moms Love to Feel Guilty

by Lynna Sutherland There’s just no way I can do it all. (I’ve known this for a while now!) But

Do Homeschool Moms Carry an Unfair Mental Workload?

Let’s be honest. Being a mom, especially a homeschool mom, is a huge responsibility. The physical effort is only about

Homeschooling: Is the Proof Really in the Pudding?

By Lynna Sutherland The other day, I was talking with a group of new homeschoolers. One mom mentioned that her

Teach Them Diligently: Talking ‘By the Way’

by Kyndra Steinmann Teach Them Diligently:  Recently I’ve had the opportunity to talk to a number of homeschool moms who

Your Homeschool Kids Will Miss Opportunities

As homeschool parents, we sometimes face criticism from others about the educational choices we’ve made for our kids. It’s easy

A Spirit of Fear

By Kyndra Steinmann How often, I wonder, do I say “no” to something because of a spirit of fear? “No” to

The Gift of Prayer

1.1 Article: “The Power of Pressing on Anyway” 1.2 The Family’s Guide to The National Day of Prayer 1.3 Teach

Hidden Power of God in Homeschooling

The Power of God in Homeschooling by Tracy Klicka Mackillop Now and then I pull out an old family photo

3 Ways to Think Outside the Homeschool Box

by Lynna Sutherland You are a homeschool mom. You already think outside the homeschool box. You know that you don’t

Homeschool Mom, Do You Care Too Much?

by Lynna Sutherland All moms feel the weight of responsibility of caring for and raising their children. Homeschool moms also

Three Gifts You Can Give Your Children

by Lynna Sutherland ‘Tis the season!  Pinterest, email newsletters, and blogs everywhere are full of gift ideas and wish lists

Homeschool Ideas: 10 Things Every Homeschooler Should Remember

by Kathie Morrissey Ten homeschool ideas every parent needs to remember: Regardless of how qualified you may or may not

Finding “The Best Way” and Other Mommy Myths

by Lynna Sutherland At a certain point in my parenting journey, I realized that I was often driven by a

Overcoming Homeschool Burnout

by Kathy Kuhl Do schools know best? Should we do it their way? Some of us experience homeschool burnout–and wonder

When God Writes Your Lesson Plans

by Melissa Dean I had it all planned. We would finish Unit One the Friday before my due date. My

Homeschool Grace: The Futility Of It All

by Kyndra Steinmann The other day I was talking to my mother about some behavioral issue I was dealing with,

Homeschool Journey: Teach a Mom to Fish

by Lynna Sutherland If you are going to take on the calling of homeschooling your children, having a supportive community

Motivating Teens

Q. How can I keep my homeschool teen motivated? A. Teens–both boys and girls—are motivated by the things they are

Facing Criticism

Q. I’m overwhelmed with negative comments and criticism from a close family member who does not support our decision to

When Life Broadsides Your Homeschool

By Vicki Bentley, www.everydayhomemaking.com You had a wonderful plan this fall for a well-rounded education, envisioning academic excellence and character development