Best of Virginia Museums

Best of Virginia Museums

Whether you’re marveling over Ice Age artifacts in Saltville, experiencing daily life in a 16th-century farm household in Staunton, or puzzling over an antique figurine of Benjamin Franklin emblazoned with the name “Washington” in a historic home in Winchester, our beautiful state is chock-full of inspiring, fascinating, and rewarding museum experiences. Take advantage of International Museum Day on May 18th to virtually explore museums around the world or plan some field trips to local points of interest. There are plenty of Virginia museums to choose from!

Best of Virginia Museums for Fieldtrips

This article shares ten great reasons to visit and support your local museums, along with the myriad benefits you’ll reap from the excursion. Aside from the educational benefits, the best museums offer opportunities for social networking, cultural appreciation, and creative inspiration.

Across the Commonwealth, you’ll find Virginia museums featuring history, science, art, language, oddities, and so much more. These 100 best museums in Virginia make a great bucket list for your homeschooling journey!

The Field Trips guide on HEAV’s website is a great resource for discovering new Virginia museums–and more!–to explore. You can even search by interest and location to narrow down your selection.

Best of Virginia Museums With Young Ones

Visiting museums with children–although rewarding and definitely worth it–does take some more pre-planning on your part. The best museums to ensure that your entire family can get the most out of your visit will feature family-friendly, hands-on exhibits and activities and programs for younger children. Check out these tips for planning museum field trips with younger children from The Unlikely Homeschool.

Best of Virtual Museums

If you’d like to take your museum-hopping abroad, but a plane ticket isn’t in the budget, check out these virtual museum tours in London, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Seoul, Florence, and more!

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