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Bats, Caves, and Echolocation

A unique unit study is a fun way to add some interest to the midterm slumps. In this Homeschool Living, explore the world of bats and learn about echolocation with hands-on activities, then take an afternoon (or more!) away from the books for a breathtaking field trip.

Going Batty!

Download this free bat unit study from Royal, Baloo, and Logi-bear Too. This short collection of activities and worksheets is designed to help young students exercise their research skills.

You can find information about the 17 species of bats found in Virginia, including their federal and state protected status, maps of the areas each type is typically found, conservation efforts, tips on how to safely deal with nuisance bats, and more at the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources website.

Bat boxes are an excellent and simple way for an individual to contribute to wildlife conservation. Check out these tips for installing a bat box and instructions on how to build your own. If you have a good location for a bat box on your property, the activity would provide a perfect learning opportunity for your homeschool. If you’re interested in building a bat box but don’t have a place to put one, check with family or friends and see if someone has a good spot!

Can You Hear Me Now?

Check out How Stuff Works to explore the science of echolocation.

These hands-on echolocation activities are perfect for younger students.

Deep Exploration Science

The Virginia Cave and Karst Trail features over a dozen stops where visitors can learn about and appreciate a variety of caves and karst features. The goal of the trail is to educate people about these sensitive environments and to promote their protection.

“Show caves” are an excellent way to experience the wonder and mystery of underground caverns in a controlled and guided environment.

Let this list of the most beautiful caves in America from Thrillist provide some inspiration and direction for an incredible stop on your next family road trip or vacation. Staying close to home? No worries–Luray Caverns in Luray, Virginia is featured in this list!

Check out these fall pumpkin activities!

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