Aimee Eucce

Featured Speaker

Aimee Eucce is a second-generation homeschooling mom . She beat the odds by rising from a homeschooled kid who struggled with dyslexia, ADHD, and auditory processing issues to a college grad and successful entrepreneur. She now speaks across the country, inspiring and equipping homeschool families in all different stages of homeschooling. She brings a unique perspective as a pastor’s kid who was homeschooled in the “dark ages,” aka the ’80s. You will laugh, cry, and walk away inspired to tackle whatever challenges life throws at your homeschooling family. She is also the owner of the Play ‘n Talk Phonics, Spelling, & Typing curriculum.


Special Needs Conference

Thursday Noon – 1 p.m. B-17

Living Label-Free in a World of Labels

Today, everyone has to fight labels… labels from experts, labels from friends or family members, labels from disappointments, even generational labels. The problem is that most labels end up becoming ceilings within our lives that keep us from walking fully into our God-given destinies. It’s time to get rid of these labels once and for all! You will learn practical strategies to live label-free. Get equipped with tools you can teach your kids so they know how to handle labels when they come. It’s time to walk in freedom so our kids can live the destiny they were designed to live!

Saturday Session 5 ~ 1:30 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. E-21 B/C

Neurodivergent Panel
Homeschooling Neurodivergent Children: A Panel Discussion ~ Michelle Brownell, Rachel Anderson, Sarah Collins, Dr. Amy Moore, and Paul Hastings

Neurodivergence encompasses a wide spectrum of cognitive and emotional facets. The desire of homeschool families to create strong, healthy family relationships drives the search for meaningful strategies and support. Join Michelle Brownell, Rachel Anderson, Sarah Collins, and Dr. Amy Moore as they examine what neurodivergence can look like and how to tailor homeschooling approaches in support of various special needs. Gain access to a wealth of resources and tools from industry experts and leave with encouragement in the freedom to homeschool your exceptional children.

Special-Needs Conference 

Specially Designed for Parents of Struggling Learners
Homeschooling a child with a special need or learning difference—or who just struggles to “get it?” You are not alone! This year’s Thursday special needs conference is an all-day event that includes Dr. Amy Moore’s keynote, three separate breakout events, a resource fair, and Exhibit Hall shopping on Thursday evening. 

The conference is included in your full-convention registration, or you may register for the special-needs conference only.