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Work Permits

Q. Does my 15-year-old homeschooler need a work permit before trying to find a summer job? What forms does he need and where does he get them?

A. In general, all 14- and 15-year-old students–who do not work for their parents in a family-owned business–must obtain a work permit. Students who are 16 or older do not need a work permit. A homeschool student can pick up the two forms, “Intention to Employ” and “Permission for Employment,” from a public high school or from a limited number of private schools even though he does not attend the schools.

A student can search for a job and fill out job applications, but before a potential employer can hire him, the employer must sign the “Intention to Employ” form acknowledging the days and hours the student will work. The parent must sign the “Permission for Employment” form giving the student permission to work.

Three copies of each form are filed. The homeschool student takes the “Intention to Employ” form to the employer who keeps it at the workplace. The second copy is kept on file in the office of the issuing officer, and the third copy is sent by the issuing officer to the Department of Labor and Industry. The “Permission for Employment” form with the parent’s signature is filed with the issuing officer who sends a copy to the Department of Labor and Industry. If a student changes jobs, he must begin the process again in order to obtain another work permit.

You can find more information on HEAV’s website explaining the types of work that can be done, age limits, hour restrictions, and other requirements, by clicking here.


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