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The homeschool liaison inaccurately required “proof of registration in the new county” after a parent moved. She cited Virginia Department of Education policy §22.1-254.02.

The parent did some research and then contacted HEAV for assistance. After the parent was provided with the information and statute references below, she wrote back to the liaison to “respectfully decline” the request. No further action has been taken by the district. HEAV would like to commend this parent for knowing the law and contacting us for assistance.

What to Know:

  • The cited reference, §22.1-254.02, is a law, not a VDOE policy.
  • The cited law applies to transfers from public school to public school. This statute does not apply to students attending private school, taught by Virginia Certified Tutors, or who are homeschooled. (Reference: §22.1-254(A)§22.1-254.1)
  • Homeschool parents notify the superintendent of their intent to homeschool; they do not register with public school districts. (Reference: §22.1-254.1(B))
  • A privacy violation would occur if the liaison’s request was followed. The law states: “No division superintendent or local school board shall disclose to the Department or any other person or entity outside of the local school division information that is provided by a parent or student to satisfy the requirements of this section or subdivision B 1 of § 22.1-254. (Reference: §22.1-254.1(G))


HEAV is always available should you ever have questions or need assistance.

Please contact us anytime at 804-278-9200 or via our contact form. ~ Patricia Beahr, Assistant Director of Government Affairs

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