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Families received a form letter that included district requirements and requests inconsistent with the evidence of progress and deadline requirements found in the law. HEAV reached out to the assistant superintendent to clarify the homeschool statute, and we received a favorable response. The district has advised HEAV that it will work on adapting their paperwork to “meet the specific wording in the law.”

What You Should Know:

  • Public school districts may not add to the requirements of the law; only the state legislature can do so. ( (Reference: §22.1-254, §22.1-254.1, Sosebee v. Franklin County School Board)
  • The law requires, “…evidence that the child has attained a composite score in or above the fourth stanine…” A composite score represents the combined language and math portions of the test. (Reference: §22.1-254.1(C))
  • The law states that parents shall provide evidence of progress “by August 1.” (Reference: §22.1-254.1(C))
  • The law states that parents shall provide their notice of intent, “no later than August 15.” (Reference: §22.1-254.1(B))

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Patricia Beahr
Assistant Director of Government Affairs

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