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Achieving Peak Performance


– Reviewed by Yvonne Bunn, HEAV’s Director of Homeschool Support

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Why wait until testing day to find out if you have covered the right stuff? If you’d like to know how your child may score on a standardized achievement test, Achieving Peak Performance is a great resource. It can help both you and your student be ready and confident on testing day!

Anxious about testing? You’re not alone. Parents new to the world of testing often want to know what kinds of questions are on achievement tests and how they can prepare their children for the test. After all, achievement tests are different from typical tests used during the school year.

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With Achieving Peak Performance, your student will have an opportunity to practice going from a test booklet to a bubble sheet, as well as to practice being timed. Although the questions on an achievement test are controlled information, the types of questions in Achieving Peak Performance are representative of those found on most standardized achievement tests.

This test preparation tool, distributed by Basic Skills Assessment and Educational Services, will assist you in identifying learning objectives and mastering test preparation strategies. The practice test will help familiarize your student with the achievement test format and build their test-taking confidence.

Achieving Peak Performance is currently available for grades 1-10. The tenth grade test is representative of high school level work for grades 10-12. Each grade level is comprised of a parent’s “action plan” and a student’s “practice test,” along with an answer key.

Parents can easily download and print the appropriate test as an e-book for $10, or can order a physical booklet for $15. This helpful resource is a boon for parents and students alike who are beginning to suffer from testing jitters!

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