Homeschool Driver’s Education in Virginia

Time to add a new element to your homeschool? Driver’s education can be done at home! This weekly Q&A Live session with Yvonne Bunn answers your questions about driver’s education for teens.

Join us on Facebook each Wednesday afternoon at 4 p.m. to hear a different question each week. Have a question you’d like answered? Send an e-mail to–or just post it in a comment below!

Here are a few of the questions answered about

Homeschool Driver’s Education Questions:

1:20 How old does a child need to be to get a Virginia learner’s permit?
3:40 What’s the first thing a teen needs to do to get his or her Virginia driver’s license?
5:19 What documentation is needed?
6:07 What’s the second step in getting a Virginia driver’s license?
7:00 What are the four ways a teen can take a homeschool driver’s education course?
10:25 What do parents need to do if they want to teach driver’s education to their own children.
11:47 Why does a parent need to send a copy of his Notice of Intent to homeschool in Virginia?
13:00 What do I do if I homeschool under the Virginia religious exemption statute?
15:00 What behind-the-wheel course is approved for homeschooling parents to teach driver’s education themselves?

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